Certain patients need more structure and support in their recovery efforts. The Intensive Recovery Program is designed to provide this more intensive therapeutic experience. This program is aimed at helping those with addiction problems, personality disorders and serious emotional crises. Clients experience daily individual and group therapy sessions along with life skills training. The Intensive Recovery Program is created as both an alternative to inpatient hospitalization as well as a transitional service for those coming out of inpatient programs.

We have identified several key components of successful intensive treatment.

These include:

  • Comprehensive initial assessment of patient’s problem areas.
  • Individualized, goal-oriented treatment plans for each patient.
  • Treatment of the whole individual including addiction or presenting problem, as well as the other medical, psychological, social, familial, vocational and/or legal dimensions.
  • Careful management of the patient’s evolution including modification of treatments as needs change.
  • Access to psychiatric and psychopharmacological interventions.
  • Specific therapeutic modalities including CBT, DBT, and social skills training.
  • Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time.
  • Providing continuing care after patient leaves program.
  • Having the patient participate in additional support groups.

Typically the patient would be in individual and/or group therapy 3 hours a day, for 4 days a week. The normal time frame for this treatment is 4-6 weeks, although different cases may require shorter or longer periods. During this process, we ask the family to be involved in treatment as well. After the initial treatment period is completed, most patients transfer into some form of individual psychotherapy for as long as needed to help transition back into productive life. For further information please call: 809 227 6644